La Luz

La Luz = Catholic High School Youth Group

La Luz (Spanish for “the light”) is a safe place for high schoolers to gather together and really dig into and understand their Catholic faith. Teens are welcomed, heard, and accepted into a family that is free of judgments.

We respond to the spiritual and social needs of our youth through discussions, prayer, social events and activities, and service projects.

At La Luz meetings you can expect:

  • an open, flexible environment (this means we let the Holy Spirit guide the meeting…sometimes things don’t always go as “planned”)
  • interesting and engaging weekly discussion 
  • opportunity to learn and participate in different types of prayer
  • a chance to meet new friends
  • questions and discussions are encouraged!

As long as you attend some high school somewhere, you are welcome at La Luz!

La Luz meets every Wednesday from 7:00-8:30pm at the Youth Room at St. Mary Catholic Church in Aberdeen.

 If you missed the first meeting, that is totally fine! All are welcome to come when they can! Hope to see you soon!



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